Selling Your Property – What is my house worth?

What is my house worth? is the single most popular question we get.

The actual value of your home will not be known until the day the sold sticker is placed on the signboard, however, a comparative market appraisal (CMA) from one of our salespeople will give you a good idea of its value.

A CMA will be produced, typically after meeting with you at your property and discussing your situation and requirements. We then look at comparable sales in your area to get an idea of the value in the current market.  

We expect our agents to give you an honest appraisal. We do not condone over pricing or giving our potential vendors false hope. Be aware that this technique can be used by other agencies to get your business.  This often leads to disappointment when they come back a few weeks later with a suggestion that your price is too high.  

Our approach is to price it right the first time. 

We want the best result for you so be assured we’ll listen to you and work with you.